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Welcome to my site



I was born 56 years ago in the town of Heerlen in the south of the Netherlands.

I have two adult boys  2 daughters in law and a 3 grandsons.

I was trained as a fashion designer and spent some years of my life designing colorful childrens ware.

But my creative urges led in more directions including photography, painting and ceramics.

I've lived through some pretty rough years having to cope with a progressivly crippling desease whilst raising the boys. Now, with my new partner Evert things are looking better all the time.

Time to look into who I am, time for all the crazy brainwaves I get and time to create something new out of it all.

The endless possibilities of felting turn out to be just what I need.

Felting is a lot like painting layering coloured fabrics in a form-free way creates something other fabric techniques can't.

But felting is also a material thing.

Like the feeling of clay in the hands of a sculpter, the feeling of wool slowly turning into felt as you work it is essential for me.

Designing Theater clothes is a part of my education.... using secondhand the fibers/fabrics for other objects/clothes.

To help improve the environment - and it is a small thing that I can do for the environment....